May 27, 2024

*Millionaire Spotlight – Jose Moore

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Howdy, esteemed reader! In this issue, we bring you yet another success story of determination, innovation, and hard work. In the heart of the bustling city of Austin, Texas, we shine our millionaire spotlight on Jose R. Moore, a local entrepreneur who turned a small cleaning business into a financial empire.  

The Journey:  

Jose Moore’s entrepreneurial journey began with humble origins. Initially working an office job with the local Boy Scouts after graduating college, Jose got a second job with a street sweeping company to help support his family. During his tenure at the company, he discovered his knack for business. Jose played a key role in helping grow the business significantly within a short period of time. After his time with the company, Jose decided to move on and try his hand at entrepreneurship. Armed with only a passion for service and an indomitable entrepreneur spirit, Jose founded Moore Clean LLC in 2001. With no lines of credit, no credit cards and no loans from family members, Jose bought an old used street sweeper truck with $3500 cash saved up. Moore Clean set out to provide parking lot sweeping and property maintenance services to local businesses and establishments. Initially Jose, with help from his wife Laura, did all the manual labor, spending nights sweeping and maintaining the parking lot of his first client, a small commercial property. Jose faced what most starting entrepreneurs face, the initial challenge of inefficiency, as he discovered the cost of running his old sweeper was often higher than the monthly income it generated. Steadily learning from experience, Jose was able to adjust. He found that most clients were also interested in smaller tasks, such as window cleaning, pressure washing, graffiti removal, painting touch-ups, and more. By bundling the services together, commercial property managers were more than eager to sign up for everything under one umbrella, rather than hiring different companies for each task. These smaller services with higher margins were able to offset overall expenses and ultimately boost Moore Clean’s profits. With time, Jose’s new strategy, coupled with exceptional customer service and personalized attention to each new client, soon earned Moore Clean a loyal customer base and reputation.  

As the business grew, Jose’s commitment to customer satisfaction remained unchanged. The positive word-of-mouth and glowing recommendations from satisfied clients spurred the company’s expansion, leading to a rapid increased demand for Moore Clean services across Austin and other cities in Texas

Innovative Approach and Cutting-Edge Technology:  

One of the keys to Moore Clean’s remarkable success has been its embrace of innovative technologies and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Jose Moore recognized early on the potential of adopting cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations and improve service quality. With every new growth milestone, the company took the opportunity to upgrade equipment. With time, Moore Clean acquired advanced cleaning equipment and green cleaning practices, such as recycling cleaning water on site. These equipment upgrades positioned Moore Clean as a leader in sustainable and environmentally-conscious cleaning services.


As Moore Clean continued to grow, Jose made a strategic decision to expand into construction site sweeping services, as he discovered there was a huge demand for his services in this sector. Additionally, he found the margins generated in construction site maintenance were exponentially higher than most of his previous commercial properties. Today, Moore stands as a prominent figure in construction site maintenance providers for projects all across Central Texas.

Jose has also been able to expand Moore Clean beyond Austin’s borders to new markets. The expansion has been met with enthusiasm from other Texas cities, including, Georgetown, Lakeway, Temple, Belton, Killeen, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and more. Businesses in the new territories are keen on availing the same level of excellence and professionalism that Austin has come to associate with Moore Clean. The new venture expansion has allowed Jose Moore to solidify his position as a key player in the commercial cleaning industry across Central Texas.  

Jose Moore’s “Five Points To Becoming A Successful Millionaire Entrepreneur“.

  1. Invest in people, your number one asset is your employees.
  2. If you’re going to get rich make sure that the people around you get rich as well (Figure of speech, everyone eats).
  3. Accept and understand that there are people that are smarter than you.
  4. Allow your talented employees to flex and use their abilities.
  5. Successful people don’t waste time or make excuses.


Jose also recognized the potential for diversification to other ventures. Leveraging his financial success, Moore strategically invested in real estate, focusing primarily on commercial spaces and residential developments. His real estate ventures have proven to be lucrative, contributing significantly to his expanding net worth. Jose Moore’s cumulative net worth is currently valued at $16.9 million US dollars.  His newest venture, Moore Investment Group of Texas, a real estate investment and financial holdings company, is set to propel Jose Moore to even greater heights.

Community Impact and Giving Back:  

Beyond building a financial empire, Jose Moore understands the importance of giving back to the community that has supported his business’s growth. Jose Moore actively participates in local charity initiatives, donating a percentage of its profits to support causes like environmental conservation and underprivileged children’s education. Jose Moore founded and coaches Austin United Basketball, a youth basketball teams for underserved boys and girls based in Austin Texas. Austin United Basketball has won numerous state and regional tournaments to date, and has garnered the respect and admiration of parents and coaches.  

A Bright Future Ahead:  

As Moore Clean continues to expand its footprint and reputation, Jose Moore remains focused on the company’s core values – integrity, innovation, and exceptional service. His story of turning a small business into a financial empire serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, demonstrating that with determination, hard work, and a customer-centric approach, success is attainable.  

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